Facility Condition Assessments

Man with construction hat on assessing a facilityOur team of technical consultants, discipline specialists, and professional engineers can conduct a thorough facility condition assessment, checking fire protection systems, HVAC systems, and electrical distribution systems for optimal efficiency.

We help customers optimize facilities investments and solve performance problems when others can’t. We design and implement strategies and systems that will give you maximum efficiency and long-term service. And we can perform the commissioning and re-commissioning procedures needed to ensure that you get all the benefits your systems were designed to provide.

We will work with your onsite staff to perform inspections and tests in an unobtrusive manner with no impact to your facility operations. Most assessments are completed within two to three weeks.

You’ll receive a detailed, full-color report with an assessment of the condition and performance of your equipment and systems. The report will include comprehensive repair and maintenance recommendations and cost estimates.

 Your facility condition assessment report will include:

  • Analysis on a complete range of structures, systems, and equipment:
    • HVAC system
    • Plumbing system
    • Electrical distribution system
    • Fire protection system
    • Building superstructure, shell, and interior
    • Thermal and moisture protection system
    • Doors, windows, and accessories
    • Stairs, ladders, and egress
  • Executive summary highlighting major finds
  • Full-color photos of specific equipment and areas
  • Recommendations for priority and non-priority repairs
  • Recommended maintenance schedules
  • Estimated repair/replacement costs
  • Budget analysis and guidance on future budget allocations